Important social media etiquette issues and behaviour in a professional setting


Here is a link to a list of things of what you do and don’t do in a professional setting being put together by Travis Balinas      — (the complete list)

Have Your Social Media Profiles Completed in Full

Give out all the information of your business as much as possible or else people won’t know who you are or take you seriously.

Don’t Have Multiple Profiles

You don’t have to open different accounts, Use the privacy settings of social media so you can keep your professional and private life separate

You Are What You Tweet…and Share

What you post or tweet is a reflection on you

Don’t try to be Everywhere All the Time

You don’t need an account for every social media tool

Be a Friend to Get a Friend

If you know the answer to a question that have been posted on social media answer it.

Also when people asks for any recommendations

Don’t Be Needy

Don’t ask people to like or retweet posts

Avoid Poor Grammar and Spelling

Check for any grammar or spelling mistakes before you post


When writing post all in caps it say to people you are shouting at them or angry or upset about something

Stop Sharing the Same Message Again And Again

No one likes to see the same message again

Match the Right Content to the Right Network (and be Mindful of the Tone of Each Network)

Linkedin = Professional                       Facebook = Social


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